Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blogging the Bible, Matt 22:45. Mind blown.

Matthew 22:45
If then David calls him Lord, how is he His son?

In looking at and meditating on this verse, it is absolutely clear to me that Jesus is making a point about his lineage that probably overwhelmed the average person pondering the question. If then DAVID calls him (Jesus) Lord, HOW is he His Son? This goes way beyond physical bloodlines and gets into what may be considered to be His spiritual lineage. The mere fact that the spiritual lineage went backwards was incomprehensible to them.

In other words, mind blown.

The application of this is to see how this shows the ultimate Kingship of Christ. This is so important, and when we see that He is Lord of all, it spurs us on to respect Him more, therefore giving us more motivation to obey the Lord the first time he gives us direction. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge..." (Prov: 1:7a)

This lesson can then be taken to the story in the beginning of the chapter where it talks about the wedding feast. Those who heard and answered the call of the Lord to the wedding feast were given the wedding garments that the King required. But when he found a wedding crasher (one without a garment), he had to kick him out. He did not fear the King, but tried to get in without giving him due respect by answering the call and going through proper protocol in the first place.

A show of disrespect. Bad form.

Both stories illustrate the Kingship of the Lord Jesus, and how important it is for us to respond to the invitation to the wedding feast while we are still able to do so. Let us walk in humble respect for our King, and answer Him when He calls.


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